Personal Care and Support Services

We provide a range of nursing, personal care, and support services. The following chart outlines the specific tasks that our nurses and caregivers perform.

For your convenience, we have noted tasks that are performed by the following skilled and non-skilled home care professionals.

  • GNA – Geriatric Nursing Aide
  • CNA -Certified Nursing Aide
  • HHA -Home Health Aide
  • MT – Medication Technician
  • LPN -Nurse Practical Nurse
  • RN -Registered Nurse

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  • Wash and fold client’s laundry

  • Clean kitchen & dishes

  • Take out trash

  • Keep client’s bedroom and beddings clean

  • Clean client’s living area


  • Prepare and set up healthy meals/snacks

  • Assist with feeding as needed

  • Encourage fluids

  • Keep client’s bedroom and beddings clean

  • Ensure doctor’s orders on food and/or fluid restrictions are followed


  • Walk with client

  • Help with shopping/run errands

  • Accompany to appointment

  • Oral care/brush teeth or dentures

  • Provide transportation
    (Transportation is arranged with the client’s family.)


  • Assist to the bathroom

  • Assist to the bedside commode

  • Assist with urinal and bedpan

  • Provide incontinence care

  • Empty colostomy/catheter bag
    (No other colostomy/catheter assistance will be given by unlicensed staff.)


  • Assist with bed/sponge bath, tub bath or shower

  • Shampoo hair as needed

  • Brush/combo/or braid hair

  • Oral care/brush teeth or dentures

  • Assist with wearing make-up

  • Clean and file nails

  • Provide skin care with non-medicated lotions

  • Take and record vital signs. Remind patient to take medication


  • Administering meds (GNA or CNA with MT)

  • Giving injection (RN/LPN)

  • Dressing wounds (RN/LPN)

  • G-Tube Feeding (RN/LPN

  • Colostomy Care (RN/LPN)

  • Catheter Care (RN/LPN)


  • Assist with walking (ambulatory)

  • Reposition bed bound client

  • Transfer to/from bed or chair (wheelchair)

  • Assist with range of motion exercise

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