Our Approach

We strive to provide the best in-home care experience possible by maintaining open and accessible lines of communications, friendly administrative and nursing staff, effective communication style that encourages feedback, and prompt response to client needs.

In preparing to provide care for clients, we begin a care planning process that includes:

  • An initial assessment of the client’s health condition;
  • An evaluation of the client’s home environment;
  • Consultation with the client’s physician, nursing staff, and/or caseworker to gain a complete understanding of the client’s needs;
  • Collaboration with family members to gain further insight into the client’s care as well as the family’s expectations and their support needs. Also, we
  • collaborate with the family to determine if there are additional services that may benefit the client.

During this time we discuss the following

  • Customized Care Schedule;
  • Personal Care & Hygiene Plan;
  • Meal Preparation & Feeding Plan;
  • Medication Administration Plan (included in our Skilled Nursing Service); and
  • Activities Plan (if applicable).

To ensure that our clients receive the highest level of quality care, we:

  • Engage in regular consultations with family members to evaluate our provision of care;
  • Make regular visits by our Registered Nurse (RN) who supervises and monitors client care (see Skilled Nursing Care); and
  • Monitor our caregivers on-site and evaluate their performance.
  • We also provide on-going in-service training for skill enhancement and self-development.

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